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AGV service & support

Transbotics approach is to provide education and support services throughout the asset's life cycle. Transbotics Service is here to support you to ensure your AGV systems is operating as intended with minimal downtime. We can assist with sourcing spare parts, troubleshooting problems remotely, providing routine maintenance and any systems training that is needed. Our service teams can be reached 24 hrs a day, 7 days week to assist with any issues you are having.

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AGV service

Transbotics Service Personnel can help keep your AGV system operating at peak efficiency. Through regular scheduled preventative maintenance, system tuning, or guide path changes, our technicians can be relied upon to provide quick solutions to the ongoing maintenance needs of your AGV system. Many issues can be resolved remotely by accessing the system online eliminating the need for an onsite service call.

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AGV training and support

Post installation, Transbotics provides each customer with a thorough and comprehensive operator/service training program as well as an operation manual. These programs are tailored to the customer's requirements for each project. The program is developed prior to system installation and submitted for approval by the customer. The customer's personnel are trained in accordance with the program during the time of acceptance testing and start-up for the system. In this arrangement, the users are exposed to a high level of “hands on” experience prior to using the system in the production environment. Our continuing education programs can also provide in-depth training for new operators and maintenance personnel.

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Parts and spares

Transbotics can accommodate any spare parts needs you may have for your AGV system. In most cases, parts can be ordered and received within a 48-hour window. We will also work directly with you for recommended parts that should be kept on hand at your facility to provide the maximum possible uptime of the AGV system in the rare circumstance that a component fails.

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