Automated Boning Room

Scott Automated Boning Room Systems were designed to optimise yield, minimise waste, increase food safety and reduce operational costs. The automated boning room is a fully automated system for processing “bone-in” meat products and is able to process carcasses at a rate of 12 per minute.

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The automated boning room system consists of six individual machines which are seamlessly integrated to transfer product from one machine to another. Scott boning room systems begin with X-Ray Grading before processing, the carcass is then separated into the three primal sections by the X-Ray Primal system, these are then passed to the forequarter, middle and hindquarter systems for further processing finally a knuckle tipper system removes the knuckle tip from the hind leg.

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X-Ray Primal System

The X-Ray Primal System automates the cutting of lamb primals, delivering highly accurate, clean primal cuts superior to anything produced by a human operator.

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Middle System

The Scott Middle System is comprised of several stations that can be configured according to the customer's requirements.

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Forequarter System

The forequarter system uses a 3D vision camera to scan each forequarter, creating a virtual model and the optimal cut locations which guide a robotic arm that grasps the forequarter and uses a bandsaw to make the cuts.

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Safety and yield benefits from automation project at ANZCO’s Rangitikei plant

Scott installed an automated lamb boning room into ANZCO Foods Rangitikei plant. The $10m automated cutting equipment project was completed on time with the site now in full production.

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The increased yield comes from improved accuracy, which will have a positive financial impact... For instance, achieving an extra 5mm on French racks, compared to it being on the flap, is substantial.

Darryl Tones
ANZCO General Manager Operations.

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