Pal 4.0 Continuous Palletiser

The new Alvey Pal 4.0 continuous palletiser is designed for high-speed single lines or combined output from multi-lines. It´s ideally suited for lines running at 40 to 100 cases/min, up to 9 pallet layers/min and outputs up to 90 pallets per hour.

PAL40 C3

The Pal 4.0 continuous palletiser features a clean and lean design, great visibility and access, easy recovery and higher line efficiencies. A true example of Industry 4.0 connectivity.

Servo driven like robots, so virtually no maintenance and high MTBF. It´s operator friendly, gentle on the product and extremely tolerant with consistently high run rates.


  • High capacity palletiser
  • Flexible layout configurations
  • Class leading continuous infeed, flexible pattern build with clever gap maintenance
  • Soft handling ideally suited to delicate products, also display, easy open and SRP cases
  • Express elevator for reduced exchange times
  • Full accessibility for operation and maintenance
  • Clear view of all critical operations
  • User friendly HMI
  • Low maintenance
  • Connected

Technical specifications


Up to 30 case meters / minute, e.g. for example 100 cases 300 mm long / min (depending on pattern)

Pallet height

Up to 2.600 mm including pallet depending on machine type and TOR

Product dimensions

Min L 200 x W 150 x H 80 mm
Max L 600 x W 400 x H 600 mm

Product weight

Max 25 kg

Product types

Carton cases, plastic trays, shrink-wrapped packs and other

Pallet types

EURO 800 x 1.200, Industry 1.000 x 1.200, ½ EURO 800 x 600, other

Max. layer dimension

1.100 x 1.300 mm

Min. layer dimension

600 x 1.000 mm

Optional accessories

under apron clamping, layer sheet dispenser

The parameters listed above are informative and may vary in concrete applications based on the product specifications.

Burts Snacks Hero1440x1440

Burts Snacks Take the “Multi-line” Decision

Premium Snacks manufacturer, Burts Snacks Ltd, have just completed one of their single largest investments, with the installation of a complete end of line pack handling and Alvey palletisation solution from Scott.

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From my perspective the food safe approach to installation facilitated a seamless install and the ease of maintenance from a hygiene perspective post-install is excellent.

Maxine Stringer
Burts Snacks' Group Technical Manager

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