Sample Dividers

The Rocklabs divider range is designed from the ground up to provide extremely accurate results. Our rotating sample diviers (RSD) split out representative portions of the sample to provide best practise, unbiased and proportional sub-sampling with adjustable split ratio and either single or duplicate outputs.

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Accurate results, better decisions.

Your success is based on the decisions you make, and those decisions are based on the results you get. So we take our role in getting you accurate results and consistent representative sampling seriously. Our dividers are renowned for their high performance and reliability, and with a range of options to suit various input requirements and processes, a Rocklabs divider fits perfectly into your mining sample system. And with exceptionally accurate certified reference materials, you’ll always get the best results from your Rocklabs equipment.

Taking a representative split is not as simple as many believe. Rolling on a mat, multiple grabs or riffle splitting do not produce accurate results. Rocklabs sample dividers are able to take accurate, representative splits of any proportion from 2-50%.

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Increasing productivity, efficiency and safety in mining

Mining is currently seeing the start of what will be the great convergence of IT and operational technologies. Many observers have touted it as the foundation for the industry’s next technological step change, which will be focused on an effort to facilitate productivity gains, efficiency, and safety.

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