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Better process delivers better AGVs

For over forty years Transbotics has designed and installed the best AGVs available on the market. From custom vehicles that handle 90,000 lbs, to special manufacturing vehicles in the most demanding production areas, Transbotics can design the right solution for your needs.

Why Transbotics?

AGVs are great for increasing efficiency and reducing costs by helping to automate a manufacturing site or warehouse. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

Advanced technology

Transbotics offers the latest technology to achieve optimal operating efficiencies, including state-of-the-art fast charging technology and superior navigation and positioning.

Reliable handling & control

Highly accurate positioning ensures consistent and reliable handling, which reduces product damage.

Designed for 24/7

Our systems are designed to operate 24/7, reducing downtime and the need for redundancy.

Custom AGVs

Transbotics is a leading provider of custom AGV solutions. Our range of solutions and talented engineers allows us to tackle the most challenging application requirements within most environments.

System safety

We are committed to safety in the workplace. Our vehicles are designed with the safety of both the operators and the vehicle itself in mind. Extensive vehicle and system safety measures ensure that each of our AGVs operates within the safest system possible.

Software & HMI Interface

CWAY 3D user interface system for remote system monitoring and analytics, as well as Human Machine Interface (HMI) graphics on each AGV, provide constant system status information.

Engineered for your conditions

Transbotics AGVs are designed specifically for the individual conditions at your facility. The design must consider the site conditions and load requirements; temperature, terrain, visibility, humidity and rain. We also design for outside conditions and special navigation needs when required.

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Service and support

Transbotics is committed to keeping your AGV systems operating at peak efficiency. This includes regular on-site preventative maintenance, system tuning, or accommodating guide path changes.

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