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Scott specialises in complete internal logistics and materials handling solutions for manufacturing and warehousing facilities. These automated and robotic systems facilitate all product movement, packing, palletising, warehouse storage and distribution, handling a wide range of packaging, such as cases, cartons, trays, crates and pallets.

Internal logistics and materials handling solutions for manufacturing and warehousing facilities

Masters in palletising, conveying and warehouse automation

Our wide portfolio of industrial services and systems include conventional layer and robot palletisers, pallet conveyors, case conveyors, order preparation systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and other materials handling equipment. This is complemented by our software package, Maestro+. Automating these procedures creates a more efficient production line with cost-saving, productivity and safety benefits.

How do you decide between multi-line, end of line or robotic palletising?

Deciding which type of palletising is best for your plant is determined by speed, scale and product type. While all palletisers can palletise, some are better suited to certain production requirements than others.

Multi-line palletising is better for limited space and medium-speed production lines, linking several lines to one, or more, palletisation machines. As soon as enough product is ready to fill a complete pallet, the system transports it to the palletisers and takes care of the palletisation. This system can handle multiple product types concurrently.

End of line palletising systems is designed mainly for manufacturing sites with very high production volumes where a dedicated palletiser per line is the optimal solution. Often the product requires careful and supported handling, being fragile and/or heavy.

Robotic palletising is better suited to slower production lines, offering a flexible approach to addressing fluctuating production requirements. It can be located anywhere within the plant and is well suited to working with AGVs.

Case Study

End-of-line palletising project with pal 4.0 and double infeed

End-of-line palletising equipment destined for a leading European food producer. Designed to automatically handle several different products, such as cases, trays, or shrink-wrapped packs, reaching the total capacity of up to 130 pieces per minute.

Automation for Improved Hygiene and Food Safety Compliance Hero

Automation for Improved Hygiene and Food Safety Compliance

Complying with sanitation and other food safety regulations is made easier with automation, allowing manufacturers to focus on ensuring their product quality.

Our Materials Handling and Logistics in Action

Multi-line palletising system for boxes of frozen vegetables (Westfro, Belgium)

Multi-line palletising system for boxes of frozen vegetables (Westfro, Belgium)
Scott Flexible Palletising System
Pallet and tray handling system (Colruyt, Belgium)
End-of-line palletising project with Pal 4.0 and double infeed
Multi-line palletising system for cartons
SCOTT Next Generation Palletiser Pal 4.0
Scott Automated Pick and Pack Order Picking System
Scott Compact Robot Palletiser
Parcel Handling and Sorting System for Belgium Post
Scott High Capacity Palletising System
Scott Depalletising and Sorting System for Plastic Totes
AGV & Robotic Palletising System
Robotic Palletising/Board Handling System
Robotic Palletising Solution Increases Production - 300 cans per minute
Scott Robotic End-of-Line Palletising System for Cases
Scott Multi-line palletising system for cartons, trays and bins

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