Washer Cabinet Press and Assembly Line

The Scott washer cabinet press and assembly line has a fast cycle time of 4.5s for the 800T press with no foundation. Two options for feeding material, either in stack or coil stock as well as an intelligent security system, consistent with CE.

Washer cabinet clinch assembly hero 1440x1440


  • Fully automatic cabinet press and clinch
  • The press line consists of a welding press unit, and 5 presses are connected to a production line. Two options for feeding materials, in stack or coil stock.
  • The clinch line adopted BTM tools and a special hydraulic and mechanical mechanism designed by Scott.


  • The total length of the equipment is 44 meters, and the production cycle time can reach 12 seconds.


  • The equipment will be fully protected, with transparent sliding protective doors connected to the machine and interlocked with a safety lock, monitored by a safety PLC. Other openings will be protected by light curtains to meet the required safety standards in Scott.


  • Standard, advanced, stable structure design mode by Scott;
  • Tools automatic located;
  • The appearance of the presses are compact, no special requirements with foundation;


  • Quiet with 80 dba noise.

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