Complete Sample Preparation System for Peñoles, Mexico

Scott delivered one of its largest sample preparation systems we have built to our customer, Peñoles. Peñoles was founded over 132 years ago and is the second-largest mining company in Mexico and was the first Mexican producer of gold, zinc, and lead and is the world’s leading silver producer.

This Automated Sample Preparation and Fire Assay System consists of four cells, a Crushing Robot Cell, Pulverising Robot Cell, Dosing Robot Cell and a Fire-Assay Robot Cell as well as our ABM3000 mills.

Incorporating several key Rocklabs products such as four Boyd Crushers, five ABM3000 Mills, LSD dosing units as well as robotic arms this system is a complete sample preparation solution offering significant Safety, Productivity and Quality improvements to the end customer.

The build was completed on time, taking around five months and although spread over multiple workshop locations, Juan Manuel Cortinas from Penoles believes the time difference with Mexico and Australia has not been noticeable.

Collaboration between locations was a significant factor in making sure the customer received their system on time. With sales and client support in Canada, project management in Melbourne, and then later Sydney, Module design from Perth and Auckland, Engineering from Sydney as well as Dust and Fume from Dunedin with additional input and expertise from all over New Zealand and Perth, it was truly a team effort to complete this project.

“It gives peace of mind to work with suppliers of serious and professional solutions such as Scott”. 
- Juan Manuel Cortinas, Peñoles

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Our fully automated systems include our Roboprep and AD3000 systems. Roboprep systems provide an efficient and productive process for continuous preparation of high-quality samples for analysis, while the automated dosing system is capable of dosing up to 3000 samples into test tubes and crucibles every 24 hours.

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