Rocklabs ABM3000 Batch Mill

The ABM3000 is an automated batch mill that allows the operator to process up to 30 samples at a time without intervention. The system can also be integrated with ROCKLABS automated systems.

ABM3000 Hero1440x1440

The ABM3000 is fully programmable so that each sample can have its own grinding specifications as well as its own automated wash cycle to ensure no carry-over between samples. Compact, quiet, and easy to maintain with enhanced safety features, the ABM3000 can process up to 30 samples per batch and is suitable for almost any laboratory environment. It can also be integrated with ROCKLABS automated systems.

  • LCD touch screen panel with flashing buttons for clear indication of process
  • PLC control over milling and clean out cycle
  • Auto sand wash programmed to clean out the mill between samples
  • Two chromium head sizes to choose from; with easy changeover of the milling head
  • Full compressed air blow down and vacuum clean between samples

Rocklabs ABM3000 Batch Mill

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