Case Conveyors

Scott has a vast range of conveyors for unit loads for horizontal and/or inclined transport. We use the belt, slat chain, modular belt, roller and other types of conveyors, depending on the product and additional requirements.

CAC9 C11

Horizontal transport

Defining an efficient conveyor system is a complex task. Our highly experienced project designers know how to solve even tough challenges. Scott conveyor system installations include:

  • Long distance conveying.
  • Systems for product accumulation.
  • Demanding environments (freezing, dust, etc.)

Vertical transport

We offer various designs of vertical transport for unit loads, each suited to customers application. The range includes Scott´s own conveyors and elevators together with proven OEM equipment:

  • Slanted conveyors.
  • Spiral conveyors.
  • Index elevators.
  • Platform elevators.

Modular case conveyors

Scott’s range of modular conveyors available for 'light loads’ enables fast start-up and minimises downtime on operating sites. To increase agility in line with industry 4.0, we designed this new range of components around two key themes: Robustness & Flexibility.

  • Robustness: the range of uses mechanical components, which can be reused and refitted as your business develops.
  • Flexibility: components work together, collaborating in a multi-agent system.

You can choose between a classic centralised control system and a decentralised EvoLink control system.

The decentralised control system Evolink has been designed for fast reconfiguration, supporting your growth immediately and at a lower cost. The range also allows for the integration of external components and connections on existing production lines. Each component also has its own group of accessories for dynamic accumulation control.

The EvoLink control architecture is based on four key components:

  • A modular cabinet; a single EvoBox reference that is ramped up according to installation size and building configuration. The purpose of the cabinets is to ensure human safety and analyse power consumption in real-time.
  • A modular wiring system, with quick connectors for fast installation start-up, and component interoperability based on mesh network typology.
  • A local controller, ensures each component's 'internal logistics' functions. It is compliant with Ethernet standards and provides services for interfacing with the WMS/WCS. Rules for specific routing can be configured in a controller to relieve traffic with the supervisor.
  • EvoWare software for dynamic, real-time supervision of your line, with advanced maintenance functions.

The entire EvoLink solution is 100% electric, IP20 and IP54 compatible, and can convey loads of up to 50 kg with the following dimensions: bases 220 x 220 mm to 800 x 700 mm (min. height 25 mm). Most of our modules use 24 VDC for reduced power consumption and are very quiet. To reduce downtime the modules are designed so they can be replaced quickly.

Each component is pre-wired and tested in our factory.

Internal transport and palletising system for bins

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