Spotlight on Meat Processing Automation

High meat prices and significant labour constraints have put a spotlight on automation as a means to gain substantial uplift in earnings and future proof operations for meat processing clients globally as we enter a post pandemic world. Scott have achieved significant milestones in recent months with lamb, beef and poultry automation as well as the widely recognised BladeStop product. A high level of demand for automation is being experienced globally and Scott are proud to have solutions that are matured and embedded as the workhorse of industry. We are pleased to provide this update.

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LEAP Improvements & Lamb Processing

For small stock processors, Scott have made further improvements to the LEAP (automated carcass processing system) that are incorporated into two new systems being built for commissioning early and mid-2022 that will further increase benefits attained by processors. Additionally, Scott have released, and installed, the next generation of “industry standard” VIP Shoulder puller (MILMEQ/Scott) to further improve reliability, suitability to newer/faster chains as well as improve safety.

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Beef Processing

For bovine processing, The Scott rib scribe system continues to deliver benefits and we have now formed a partnership with Teys Australia (supported by Meat and Livestock Australia) to implement the next generation of automated beef carcass processing. Leveraging the strong solutions Scott offer in lamb processing we have made significant inroads into an equivalent automated modular system for Beef sides. This is anticipated to change beef processing in the same transformational way the LEAP system changed lamb processing and Scott are excited to be progressing on this journey.

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For our poultry clients Scott have successfully commissioned the first trussing systems into America with pleasing results. We have also further expanded the solution to include additional tail cutting capability. Scott are now working on continuing to improve and support our clients in the region as we look to the opportunity to build further systems.



As a major step forward for American and South American beef processing customers we have completed commissioning and training a number of MAC10 carcase grading systems to the INACUR 12 point conformation and 10 point fat cover scale. These are now operating accurately and consistently as judged against human operators delivering significant value to processors that transact on a graded basis. MAC10 systems have been the backbone of beef carcass grading within Europe for many years and it is exciting to see the technology now able to deliver the same beneficial results to more regions.

The fastest stopping time on the market, BladeStop

BladeStop & Materials Handling

We have reached new milestones for the BladeStop™ safe stop bandsaws with more than 1,500 saws in operation globally. Our Materials Handling sector (including carton conveying, storage and retrieval, high speed palletising, pallet conveying and AGV’s as well as specialised carton and pallet preparation equipment) continues to see a strong level of interest with a significant turnkey system being built for commissioning into New Zealand in 2022.

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