Scott announces strategic partnership with Savoye

Scott is pleased to announce a strategic, global partnership with SAVOYE. SAVOYE is one of the world’s leading high-speed storage and retrieval companies.

This partnership will allow Scott to expand our materials handling and logistics systems to include the critical component of automated carton storage and retrieval technology. This will seamlessly integrate with our own conveying, sorting and palletising applications and enables us to offer a true end-to-end solution.


SAVOYE is a global player in the design, manufacture and integration of machines and automated systems for intralogistics and Supply Chain software solutions, thus offering a complete range of solutions to meet the needs of logistics organisations, from the simplest to the most complex, that serve SMEs and key accounts.

Since 20 January 2020, SAVOYE's two main areas of expertise have been joined under two ranges:

  • Advanced Software, publishing software packages for Supply Chain Execution (OMS, WMS, WCS, TMS, EDI), including the following flagship products: LM XT, LOGYS, MAGISTOR, LM TMS, LM OMS.
  • Advanced Technologies for the design, manufacture, and integration of intralogistics systems and its line of automated and robotic goods-to-person solutions for heavy loads (MAGMATIC) and light loads (X-PTS), order preparation systems, automated packing machines (JIVARO, E-JIVARO, and PAC 600 machines), conveyors (INTELIS).