Misconceptions of Automation

Misconceptions Of Automation Hero

Often resistance to automation is due to obsolete, incomplete, or simply incorrect information. We attempt to dispel some of the common misconceptions surrounding automation.

It's Too Expensive 

Often the initial reaction to robots concerns their affordability. Automating a process will normally increase output while reducing costs, mainly in direct labour and overheads. Calculating your return on investment (ROI) can show you what to expect. Scott can supply options at a variety of price points and are able to work with a wide range of budgets to ensure the best solution.

We don't have enough volume

Successful and flexible automation can improve productivity, resulting in higher throughput, decreased cycle times, and reduced scrap or waste. Consistent production rates, in turn, permit efficient production scheduling and facilitate scheduled preventive maintenance, keeping equipment operating in top condition and reducing unexpected downtime.

We change over too frequently

This is normally a good reason to automate! Frequent changeovers fuel the need for rapid setups and simplified machine operations, two key benefits that may be realised with a well-designed and flexible automated system.

We vary our production too frequently 

Programs that once ran eight to 10 years typically now only run three years or less. Current manufacturing trends drive the need for flexibility. An automated process from Scott enables product changes without requiring a complete retooling of your equipment and rapid response to changes in demand or processes.

Automation turns highly skilled workers into button-pushers

Automation addresses the routine, repetitive, physically challenging tasks freeing up your highly skilled workers for complex tasks like reasoning, decision-making, troubleshooting, or problem-solving.

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