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The BladeStop bandsaw improves safety and reduces the risk of serious injury by stopping the blade within a fraction of a second.

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Case Study

BladeStop improves bandsaw safety for industry leading meat company

Woolworths' meat processing facility is the center of excellence for meat production plants across the country. BladeStop has proven invaluable to the plant and bandsaw operator safety.

Why BladeStop?

With the fastest stopping time on the market, BladeStop is the global leader in bandsaw safety, with over 1500 units in the market, across 30 countries.

Dual sensing

BladeStop body sensing and Glovecheck provide dual-sensing options for maximum protection.

Stopping time

Market-leading stopping time, mechanically stopping the blade within a fraction of a second

Tailored support

Our service and support packages are tailored to the needs of your operation and include training, maintenance and spare parts.

Model range

Models available for a range of processing requirements to suit processors and species of all sizes

Reduced maintenance

New coated jaws provide longer service life by extending the number of triggers by 50%


Optional BladeStop Connect provides real-time and historical productivity, operational and event data.

Blade Stop DGUV 2 1440x880

The only safety bandsaw tested and certified by a notified body.

DGUV certified for functional safety.

  • Dual-Sense operator monitoring Body-Sensing & Vision Sensing.
  • Fastest stopping time on the market.
  • Full CE compliance with certified high-quality components.

BladeStop in Action

The BladeStop Advantage

The BladeStop Advantage
BladeStop - Unique Dual Sensing Technology
Carbon Processing Facility Installs BladeStop Bandsaw to Enhance Safety
Pork processor installs BladeStop™ Bandsaw to combat amputation risk
Bladestop Body Sensing vs Other Vision Only Safety Systems
BladeStop™ - Improving Bandsaw Safety for Industry Leading Meat Company
Blade Stop Service Heather

Service and support

BladeStop saws require regular and professional maintenance. Scott offers an annual service which is carried out by a certified BladeStop technician. Our services and support packages are tailored to your operation's needs and can include change management, staff training, site visits and service, ongoing staff support and training, as well as replacement parts and consumables.

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