Hts 110 - High Temperature Superconductors
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HTS-110 designs and manufactures a range of superconducting products including compact cryogen-free fast-ramping and high-field electromagnets, HTS coils and HTS current leads.

HTS-110 magnets, components and custom products are used in a variety of applications

HTS-110 provides robust cryogen-free refrigeration systems with fast cool-down, very high field per unit weight or volume, industrial ruggedness with high tolerance to vibration, and fast ramp rates. Applications Include:

High-throughput magnetic storage media development, processing and QA

Online NMR spectroscopy systems for the biotech, pharmaceutical and biomaterials industries

MRI Magnets used in imaging equipment

Clean energy applications including development of new propulsion systems, wind turbines and superconducting energy storage systems

Beamline magnets used in synchrotrons and neutron facilities for material research

Vector - and lightweight goniometer-mounted magnets

Custom components for proton therapy magnets

Who we work with?

HTS-110’s global client base includes: leading national research institutes, for example ALBA, ANL, ANSTO, BNL, CAS, FZJ, HZB, ILL, IMRE, JAXA, LNLS, MSL (NZ), NIST, NUS (SSLS), PAL, RAL, RTRI, TATA, TPS, and TUM (FRMII); tier-one data storage companies; metrology equipment manufacturers; as well as many universities.