Automated solutions for optimal meat processing

Automating your meat processing improves safety, productivity, throughput and yield, providing a significant return on investment.

Products and solutions

Scott meat processing systems are designed and manufactured to improve product yield, throughput and efficiency while increasing operator and food safety. We offer a wide range of automated and semi-automated solutions.

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Safety and yield benefits from automation project at ANZCO’s Rangitikei plant

Scott installed an automated lamb boning room into ANZCO Foods' Rangitikei plant. The $10m automated cutting equipment project was completed on time, with the site now in full production.

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The increased yield comes from improved accuracy, which will have a positive financial impact... For instance, achieving an extra 5mm on French racks, compared to it being on the flap, is substantial.

Darryl Tones
General Manager Operations

Why Scott?

Scott set the benchmark for meat processing automation and our products and systems effectively address industry concerns, such as increasing yield, reducing waste and product quality improvements. Our automated cutting equipment is supported by x-ray and vision technology for precise cuts and significant return on investment.

Unique grading technology

Advanced composition grading including x-ray and OCM.

Improved quality

Precise, accurate and clean cuts ensure maximum product quality.

Improved hygiene

All systems are designed with top-of-the-line hygiene practices in mind, safe for tough washdown procedures and daily cleaning.

Improved yield

Our x-ray technology guides cutting blades with an accuracy far greater than human capabilities, improving the quality and yield of each cut.

Increased safety

Safety is integrated into all systems from the start, keeping operators safe, away from moving parts and injury-causing tasks.

Who we’ve worked with?

At Scott, we recognize the value of long-term business partnerships and are incredibly privileged to have many world-class brands partner with us. Will you be next on the list?

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