PAL 4.0 Palletizer

PAL 4.0 is the latest addition to our range of palletizers. It was developed in conjunction with our key partners and a technical university. It is equipped with the latest technology and components, enabling us to get all necessary information to measure, display and finetune performance.


The Palletiser evolved from 50+ years of experience

Alliance 2k 01

Modern compact machine design

Pal 4 0 detail 01

Packs oriented on low impact turner

Pal 4 0 detail 02

Uniquely designed row and layer pusher bar

Pal 4 0 detail 03

Split apron allows for gaps in layers

PA0 F6 D1

Clear view of all critical operations

PA4 E7 F1

Double lane product infeed option

PAF21 B1

Soft handling of delicate products

Pal 4 0 detail 04

High-speed pallet elevator

The innovative features of PAL 4.0 provide a low total cost of ownership, thereby increasing your ROI:

  • Compact footprint and high level infeed maximise valuable production space
  • Suitable for a wide range of products including plastic trays, shrink wrapped packs, cartons, shelf ready, display boxes etc.
  • High capacity throughput is capable of single or multi-line operation (grows with your business)
  • Patented row and pusher bar provide gentle handling to delicate products
  • User-friendly interface for creating new pallet layouts, simplifies setup and reduces changeover times
  • Flexible layer pattern build with gap maintenance ensures efficient pallet utilisation
  • Express elevator reduces cycle times
  • Open design provides industry leading visual and physical access for operators and reduced maintenance times
  • Developed with SEW-Eurodrive for optimised energy efficiency
  • Connectivity with SCADA, ERP, MES, MRP, SAP systems etc. allow for increased traceability
  • Remote connectivity and diagnostics reduce service and downtime
  • Add on modules such as slip sheet and interlayer feeds further extend the capabilities to allow for changing production needs

Technical specifications


Up to 15 case metres / minute, e.g. for example 50 cases 300 mm long / min (depending on pattern)

Pallet height

Up to 2.600 mm including pallet depending on machine type and TOR


4.200 mm x 5.150 mm

Product dimensions

Min L 150 x W 120 x H 80 mm
Max L 600 x W 400 x H 600 mm

Product weight

Max 25 kg

Product types

Carton cases, plastic trays, shrink-wrapped packs and other

Pallet types

EURO 800 x 1.200, Industry 1.000 x 1.200, ½ EURO 800 x 600, other

Max. layer dimension

1.100 x 1.300 mm

Min. layer dimension

600 x 1.000 mm

Optional accessories

left/right configuration, under apron clamping, sheet dispenser

The parameters listed above are informative and may vary in concrete applications based on the product specifications.

Palletising 4 1440x880
Case Study

End-of-line palletizing project with Pal 4.0 and double infeed

End-of-line palletizing for a leading food producer. Handles different products, such as cases, trays, or shrink-wrapped packs, reaching the total capacity of up to 130 pieces per minute.

PAL 4.0 Palletizer

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