Appliance Automation

Scott appliance systems are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements and needs of each customer. Our equipment range extends from fully automated production lines to standalone equipment units to cater to the needs and flexibility of modern appliance manufacturing.


Scott has a long and diverse history with appliance manufacturing.

We have the knowledge and tools to integrate a solution, both turnkey or a fixture, that can be used to manage product variance challenges in a clean, controlled and safe manner. We have installed systems for most major appliance manufacturers throughout the cooking, refrigeration, laundry and hot water cylinder industries globally.

Why Scott?

Our flexible fabrication and assembly systems offer standard functions, including notch and pierce, folding, synchronous transfer, bracket clinching, vision monitoring, clinching and assembly and can also include integrated manual assembly options.

Increase Flexibility

Respond to changes in design and product variance quickly, with minimal changes to the line itself through innovative system design.

Cost Effective

Minimized manual assembly, system downtime and product wastage lead to a significant return on investment and shortened payback period.

Improved Quality Control

Precise, accurate and traceable production ensures that each appliance unit is produced to the highest standard.

Easily Integrated

Turnkey systems are easily installed around existing operations, making the switch from manual assembly to automation, seamless.

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Whirlpool and Robots: Local manufacturer to global appliance automation supplier

Scott has a long history of appliance manufacturing; it was one of our original industries, long before our automation days. Our team knows how to make appliances because we've done it too. Our washing machine was one of the best on the market, so good in fact, that our customer base dwindled as nobody ever needed new machines.

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