Forked AGVs

Forklift AGVs are suitable for all kinds of material handling needs in manufacturing and distribution. Whether your moves are floor to floor, rack, block storage, or even double deep, we have a vehicle to meet your needs. No company provides more features or capacity.

AGV counterbalanced 1440x1440

Forked AGVs

Transbotics Forklift vehicles are designed to transport a variety of products, including palletized loads, paper products, gaylords, bins or racks. They can replace most operations associated with traditional forklifts and pallet jacks while providing a positive Return on Investment, improving safety and throughput efficiency.

Safety features include a blue LED directional spotlight, front and side safety-rated laser bumpers, look-down sensors to prevent blind spots, LED directional lighting, warning sirens, soft stops for controlled stops and e-stops. The AGV includes a touch screen panel that gives real-time vehicle status, vehicle diagnostics, and more. Stack lights are provided for quick identification of the AGVs status. Lithium battery technology provides unmatched fast charging so the AGV System can work 24/7, with minimal time for charging.

AGV Systems offer many materials handling include many advantages.

  • Predictable, reliable, automatic operation.
  • Automated interfaces with other systems.
  • Reduced handling damage through improved positioning.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs of material handling.
  • Efficient long-distance movements.
  • Flexibility to changes in material handling requirements.
  • Creates an ergonomic, safe environment.
  • Easily expandable layout and system capacity for maximum flexibility.

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