End-of-line Palletizing Systems

These systems are designed for manufacturing sites with high production volumes where a dedicated palletizer for each line is the optimal solution. Often the product requires careful and supported handling, being fragile and/or heavy.

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Typical applications are beverage and food producers, where transit cases must be aligned accurately to maximize stacking strength. Modern shelf-ready packaging must be handled delicately to maintain its integrity. Scott designs machines with a capacity ranging from 20 to 150 packs/minute and more.

Depending on the production rate and the type of products, our solutions are based on these 2 types of technology:

  • The Multi-axis robot. 4 or 6-axis coupled with a gripping tool (suction, clamping or fork). The arrival of the products can be either low or high level depending on the location.
  • The layer palletizer with high-level infeed, without the need to grip the product, enables more controlled palletizing to ensure precise alignment of the boxes from one layer to the next.

The latest generation of robotic servo-driven layer palletizers such as our 4.0 model, are quiet, energy-efficient, require little maintenance, have very high reliability and offer fast recovery times.

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  • High capacity
  • Excellent operator visibility and access
  • Greater line efficiencies
  • Greater tolerance of "imperfect product"
  • Flexibility for operators to program new patterns
  • Accuracy of locating layers of interlocking product.
  • High-level palletizers offer greater accessibility between production lines
  • High financial returns thanks to great flexibility (products and patterns), proven reliability and low cost of maintenance
  • Customized for your application
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Flexible regarding the diversity of products to be palletized
  • Minimal footprint whilst using “free” headroom
  • Very satisfied, repeat customers
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Case Study

End-of-line palletizing project with Pal 4.0 and double infeed

End-of-line palletizing for a leading food producer. Handles different products, such as cases, trays, or shrink-wrapped packs, reaching the total capacity of up to 130 pieces per minute.

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