Washer Cabinet Assembly Line

The Scott Washer Cabinet Assembly Line is a fully automatic assembly with a 20s cycle time. Brackets are loaded automatically by a robot, guided by a vision system. Featuring reliable clinch joints with an intelligent security system, consistent with CE this system is also very quiet at 75 dBa.

Washer cabnet assembly line 1 1440x1440


  • Fully automatic cabinet clinch line.
  • Brackets loading automatically by robot guided by the vision system.
  • Automatic feet screw feeding by bowl-feeder, fitted with accurate torque control.
  • The clinch line adopted BTM tools and a special hydraulic and mechanical mechanism designed by Scott.


  • The total length of the equipment is 22 meters, and the production cycle time can reach 20 seconds.


  • The equipment will be fully protected, with transparent sliding protective doors connected to the machine and interlocked with a safety lock, monitored by a safety PLC. Other openings will be protected by light curtain to meet the required safety standards in Scott.


  • Standard, advanced, stable structure design mode by Scott.
  • Tools automatic orientation.
  • Reliable Clinch system.


  • Quiet with 75 dba noise.
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