Miniload Stacker Cranes

We have mini-load systems, which are a stacker crane for “small” loads such as cartons or crates, with a maximum weight up to 50 kg. There are a number of models and sizes depending on the required speeds and capacities, and depending on your product.

MI25 EE1

Mini loads are ideal for storing products very temporarily, for example:

  • As a buffer stock for parts during a production process – we can then deliver the part to the right operator at the right moment;
  • As a buffer stock during the order preparation process, before or after picking

It is rare for a whole warehouse to be fitted with only one technology. Solutions depend on the product (including weight, size, and special requirements such as temperature) and rotation speeds. Mini loads are certainly not the right solution for slow movers, and are probably not ideal for your very fast movers either. Our consultants will – together with you – strive for the right “mix” of technologies that work for you. For us, your current needs are critical, but we also try to keep your likely future needs in mind. It is important that the selected solution does not block your future needs.

Types of Miniloads stacker cranes

Scott Miniloads systems include 2 main types:

  • "MOVICLASS" - System with the static storage of items, with loading and unloading from one side. Speed up to 300 movements per hour.
  • "MOVISTOC" - System with the dynamic storage, loading from one side, unloading from the other side. Speed up to 850 movements per hour.

Both systems use racks up to 100 m long and 12 m high.

Our references include various sectors:

  • Auto-parts & Spare parts
  • Hardware stores
  • E-business
  • Post order companies
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Office supplies
  • Books and newspapers
  • Textile products

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