Poco Loco choose Scott’s multi-line palletising solution

Scott designed and installed an automated multi-line palletising system at Poco Loco, the leading Belgian producer of tortilla wraps, chips and snacks who are part of the Finnish Paulig Group.

The system was installed in 2022 in a new building in Roeselare and handles the output of several new production lines. The solution covers all processes from conveying and accumulating the packs on buffer tables, to palletising using the latest version of Scott's flagship palletiser PAL 4.0, full pallet wrapping, labelling and conveying to the high bay warehouse.

The customer ultimately opted for the Scott multi-line solution over the single-line solution offered by other suppliers. It is designed to enable further expansion that will accommodate double the current palletising capacity of up to 50 pallets per hour. The first phase covered 4 tortilla packing lines, sending filled cartons and display boxes to the buffer tables and one central PAL 4.0 palletiser. As soon as enough product is buffered to fill a complete pallet, the system summons it, transports it to the palletiser and creates the pallet. The product infeed is at high level (about 3,5 m) to free up the access flow on the floor between production lines. The Scott multi-line solution brings considerable benefits from the low cost of ownership, reliability, space utilisation, high performance and the highest standard of hygiene and safety.

The project 3D layout showing the existing four packing lines and buffer tables plus one future line extension
The project 3D layout showing the existing four packing lines and buffer tables plus one future line extension

Scott Automation – proven expertise

Using expertise honed over years of installing these systems, Scott has established a clear position in the market for all food producers who need to automatically Palletise their production, enhance quality control and minimise labour involvement. Many installations across Europe, often running on a 24/7 basis, are testament to the success of the Scott designs and systems, a claim supported by blue chip customers often returning for additional installations.

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These systems are designed to link several production lines to one or more palletisers - as soon as enough product is ready to fill a complete pallet, the system calls up the product, transports it to the palletisers, and takes care of the palletisation. The palletising machines are usually not placed in the production hall itself, ensuring the highest standards for product quality, hygiene and safety.

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