The innovation story of PAL 4.0

The majority of palletisers in the marketplace are evolved and adapted over the years but rarely is a ground up new machine brought to market that incorporates more than 50 years of experience together with the need to respond to what is known as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ or more commonly titled - INDUSTRY 4.0.


SCOTT decided to take the plunge and combine the best of the new components and systems now available with a new Palletiser that met the needs of Industry 4.0 and also incorporated the ‘wish lists’ of their current and future customers production and maintenance departments.

With many SCOTT / Alvey Palletisers still going strong and providing reliable service after decades of use, the new Palletiser had not only to build on that hard earned reputation but also be a machine that will perform well in the decades to come.

Hi-tech engineering and rigorous testing

Group Engineering Manager, Christophe Declercq headed the team of designers and engineers who created the Palletiser 4.0. A number of key component suppliers were also brought on board to bring their latest technology to the project.

The project team worked in conjunction with the sales and service teams who brought together customers future needs and blended them with the wisdom from Scotts’ own experienced service engineers who added the hard reality learned from looking after machines that often run on a 24/7 basis in demanding environments.

Over many months the concept design progressed into test cells which then developed into the final design enabling a pre-production Palletiser to be built for testing.

Rigorous testing ensured that all design parameters were met before the project was signed off as ready for production and the Palletiser 4.0 was launched into the marketplace.

Practical benefits and cost savings for customers

Utilising Industry 4.0 as a springboard, Scott have developed a product that has brought a new dynamism to the Palletising sector. Incorporating the latest components, control devices and ease of operation features into one unit, combined with great performance and market leading low running costs, the PAL 4.0 brings significant benefits to its users, such as:

  • Excellent ROI for the end users
  • Long operating life projection
  • Superior ease of access and operator field of view
  • Gentle pack positioning and handling
  • Energy efficient giving low running costs

It will not only meet the Packaging Industries’ needs for years to come but will also launch a series of new machines that will expand the range."

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