The UK's Spring Budget is an opportunity for investment in automation machinery

As part of the Spring Budget, from 1st April UK manufacturers now have 100% First Year Allowance for Capital Expensing. This means that UK companies will be able to write off the full cost of qualifying main rate plant and machinery investment in the year of the investment. Could this be a good time for that palletising project to get the green light?

By releasing increasingly precious labour resources to areas where ‘thinking’ pairs of hands are most efficiently used, end of line automation solutions can play a major part in solving labour problems and bring increased efficiency, productivity, reliability and safety along as a bonus.

Case forming, packing, palletising and wrapping are important but easily automated parts of the production process that can be swiftly implemented using proven, reliable and cost effective technology.

By employing proven expertise such as is available within Scott Automation, solutions can be designed, installed and up and running in just a few months, helping to solve some of the new challenges coming from a changing marketplace."

The SCOTT Group offers automation solutions from simple conveying to highly automated traditional or robotic end of line systems which can now include AGVs to complement the package.

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Scott palletising solution

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