Poultry Trussing

Trussing is a value-added service for the chicken rotisserie market and keeps the birds compact for ease of handling and cooking. Our poultry trussing system improves operator health and safety, reduces repetitive strain injuries, reduces staff turnover and provides consistent, high quality output.

The Scott automated poultry trussing system is a hygienic, wash down ready system which is easy to operate and maintain and specially designed to be energy and water-efficient, minimising running costs.

Our trussing system is configurable and modular with options of 24, 48, 72 and 96 birds per minute systems with each 24 bird per minute line able to run independently. Each line consists of two Kuka robots, a shackle conveyor and two trussing supply string making machines. Each robot is capable of trussing a bird in 5 seconds.

Trussing Specifications:

  • Single loop
  • Starting from under the wings (wings tucked)
  • Crossing over the back
  • Trussing loop tie on the hocks (hocks and wings positioned during preloading)
  • Polyester yarn/string, 3 strand, 300% stretch
  • Optional tail cutting

Trussing is traditionally a labour intensive process with high rates of repetitive strain injuries and high staff turnover. Automated poultry trussing removes the human element from the trussing process, providing significant operator health and safety advantages and labour savings. Our automated trussing line is also capable of improving product quality and first pass production rate.


  • Reduced repetitive strain injuries and improve operator health and safety
  • Reduced staff turnover and significant labour savings
  • Improved product quality, first pass production rate and output consistency

Scott Poultry Trussing System

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