HTS-110 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System

HTS-110 designed and produced the world’s first 2G HTS MRI system. The MRI scanner reveals tissue contrast in the body, making it an indispensable medical imaging tool.

MRI HERO 1440x1440

A number of applications are being assessed, to facilitate exploitation of the unique features offered by an HTS-based MRI system, benefits extend to small-primate pre-clinical imaging, medical research and industrial analysis. HTS magnet based systems represent a significant step forward for MRI offering additional functionality not currently available in 1.5T systems, with the following key advantages:

  • The magnetic field of an HTS-based system can be turned off and on which allows for easy magnet relocation.
  • The magnetic field of an HTS-based system can be ramped to different field strengths, offering the operator greater imaging functionality.
  • The installation and maintenance protocol for an HTS-based system is less complex, offering significant cost advantages.
  • The HTS-based 1.5T system is more robust allowing it to be placed in industrial settings and positioned at various orientations.