HTS-110 Neutron & X-Ray Instruments

HTS-110 supplies custom instruments to the world’s leading synchrotron and neutron beamlines. These instruments take full advantage of the properties of HTS wire to deliver compact cryogen-free magnets with field strengths in excess of 8 tesla which provide researchers with next generation magnetic environments for materials characterisation and analysis.

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HTS-110 magnets are especially suited to beamline instruments where size and complex geometries are required; or where the magnetic field needs to be changed regularly; or where the field needs to be rotated relative to the beam.

Key advantages can include:

  • Cryogen-free with fast cool down
  • Designs for tight spatial constraints, with the ability to be goniometer mounted for rotation
  • An ability to be utilised with variable sample temperatures inserts
  • Rapid ramping
  • An ability to be built inside or around UHV equipment

The breadth of magnets that HTS-110 has developed for beamlines is best illustrated by previous projects:

  • Full Field Imaging NEXAFS/VUV spectrometer magnet system
  • Manufactured for system designer, Synchrotron Research Inc
  • System for Brookhaven National Lab NSLSII
  • Two separate magnets (8.6T and 0.6T) shape a coupled magnetic field which is used in a large field of view and large depth of field parallel imaging Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) electron spectrometer
  • Large 8.6T system provides beam and sample access while meeting stringent field uniformity requirements
  • Magnets can be mechanically adjusted relative to each other to alter magnetic field along z-axis and the field strengths may be independently adjusted to control image magnification.

X-ray beam scattering beamline magnet

  • Field strength up to 6.4T with 120° scattering angle
  • System designed for resonant magnetic scattering and high-resolution x-ray diffraction
  • Tight dimensional and weight constraints – 260mm (W) x 320mm (H) magnet size
  • 40mm room temperature bore, compatible with sample cryocooler
  • Quiet, low vibration, low maintenance cooling

HTS-110 Beamline Magnets Brochure

HTS Magnets for Neutron Scattering