HTS-110 Custom Magnets

HTS-110 has been designing and manufacturing custom HTS magnets since its inception. Efficient product development combined with excellence in engineering and prototyping provide HTS-110 the capability to produce a wide range of custom magnet solutions meeting real-world demands.

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Specific field profiles or uniformity targets, low fringe field, wide optical access to the central field region, dimensional constraints, compatibility with physical rotation, minimisation of eddy currents, AC operation – these are all constraints that HTS-110 has addressed in custom magnet designs.

Custom design and manufacture acts as an incubator for next-generation products such as compact MRI systems. For projects with substantial technical risk HTS-110 undertakes development with a systematic approach. A design study is often undertaken to identify project feasibility and to scope possible solutions in conjunction with associated costings.

Manufacture and testing of prototype sub-assemblies is followed by final product design, manufacture and commissioning. We ensure that client intellectual property is respected at all times.