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Our BladeStop team have been listening and working hard to deliver improvements to the trusted and most respected “Protection Bandsaw” in the market.

Why BladeStop 2.1?

BladeStop is proud to launch a new product and support package, benefiting all aspects of a customers business, in all industries. This new model (2.1) will replace the earlier T400 series II bandsaws and features additional considerations for all our customers. 

*BladeStop 2.1 is not yet available in Europe but will be released shortly.

Market leading operator protection

New coated jaws provide longer service life by extending the number of triggers by 50%

Improved water ingress protection with higher IP rating

Higher operational and engineering efficiency when compared to competitors

Improved stopping and operator safety

Remote service and support available as well as our regular servicing and maintenance in all regions

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BladeStop 2.1 additional features

BladeStop 2.1 offers significant improvements over previous models such as:

  • Improved safety features
  • Compliance improvements
  • Improved blade visibility for sliding table operations
  • Increased bin strength
  • Improved Camera mount and lighting
  • Table hold down to prevent table bounce on large products
  • Improved robustness and longevity
Woolworths Hero 1440x880

BladeStop improves bandsaw safety for industry leading meat company

Woolworths Meat Company’s meat processing facility is the centre of excellence for meat production plants across the country. BladeStop has proven invaluable to the plant and bandsaw operator safety.

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BladeStop has significantly reduced the severity of the outcome. Instead of having potential amputations we’ve had some really successful outcomes, we’ve had some minor lacerations, band aid injuries.

Jeff Sabel
Site Safety Manager

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